Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not-so-Working Girl

(Stealing format from better bloggers than I...)

6:23 AM - Jete stops in bedroom to say goodbye. Ask him for 800th time if anything hurts. He says no and leaves. Fall into coma-like sleep.

7:26 - Woken with a start by cousin D's phone call. Explain story of Jete's accident for the 17th time. She is pregnant and tells me about her latest ultrasound. Remember dream from coma-like sleep that I was 9 months pregnant with a girl. She thinks it is "a sign". I think she's crazy.

7:58 - Tiptoe into hallway to check on household. Both boys still asleep. Sigh with relief.

8:01 - Set up work laptop in bedroom to start working from home. Check email and blogs instead.

8:18 - Actually start working.

8:25 - Sitter shows up. Makes herself breakfast. I decide to have cereal and stop working again.

8:48 - Decide CG needs to get up or we won't get any sleep tonight. Open his door, make lots of noise and let sitter figure out why he's suddenly awake.

9:08 - Ethan wakes up. Give him reflux medicine. Make his cereal and get his two seizure meds ready.

9:20 - Finish feeding him. He is happy.

9:21 - He is mad.

10:03 - Sitter decides to take CG for a walk while I continue to console Ethan. Rocking him in the recliner seems to calm him most of the time. I'm trapped on an ottoman rocking while she leaves.

10:26 - Tiny knocking on door. Answer to see cousin D with daughter K stopping over to get baby shower invitations I printed for her. K is a 3 year old who weighs only 2 pounds more than CG. She asks if we have any cheese.

11:01 - Sitter returns as D & K leave. Ethan is finally asleep. Get in the shower.

11:12 - Quickly throw on same outfit from yesterday. Never got to work in it, so why not?

11:28 - Remove CG from leg and run out the door to go to work.

11:29 - Decide I should pick up lunch on the way. Debate between cheesy Panera and healthier Subway.

11:37 - Stop at Subway. Get a tuna grinder. And a chocolate chip cookie.

11:49 - Finally arrive at work.

11:58 - Both computers are on and ready to go. Decide to eat lunch.

12:09 PM - Check E's journal. No new entries. Check CNN. Check email.

12:13 - Get email from coworker. Forgot I was delivering an unused double stroller. Run outside to make exchange of stroller for cash.

12:28 - Try to do some work. Get bored. Check E's journal again. Still no new entries.

12:46 - Decide to settle medical bill received for Ethan. Call Mean Doctor's Office (MDO). Speak to nice Customer Service Rep (CSR). She tells me it is Cigna's fault. I must call Cigna.

12:51 - Call Cigna. After 16 different teleprompts, finally speak to person. They tell me it is MDO's fault. Give me proper tax ID number for them to bill with. I must call MDO.

12:58 - Call MDO again. Get different CSR. She is mean. Explain what Cigna said. Mean CSR says Cigna is stupid. Number is not a real tax ID. I must call Cigna back.

1:09 - Finally get through to a person again at Cigna. Different CSR. Again. Nice guy, tells me he can't call MDO, but can I conference them in? I try. And lose both calls.

1:14 - I almost cry. And then stop. I hate everyone.

1:15 - Call Cigna back. Get third Cigna CSR. Finally remember to write down a name. Mike. He is nice. Explain that I hate MDO. Why are they being so unhelpful? Don't they want their money? He says Cigna can make an exception after all. I am very grateful. Secretly wonder why first Cigna CSR didn't just mention that.

1:20 - Try to work again. Save a report four times without making changes.

1:21 - Check E's journal again. Still no new entries.

1:30 - Stop at coworkers cubicle in the next row. Start chatting.

2:19 - Return to desk. Look at clock. Damn.

2:20 - See I missed a call. Check voicemail. Adjuster from car insurance company needs me to call back.

2:26 - They are totalling our truck. Yay! Do I agree on the price? Um, no, give us more money. But okay. Just send a check.

2:34 - Call Jete to explain situation. Get his voicemail.

2:38 - Coworkers twist my arm. Decide to go to store and get candy.

3:03 - Return from store armed with peanut butter cup and Boston Baked Beans.

3:03 - Finish eating candy.

3:07 - Jete calls back. Explain everything. He is on his way to empty our truck. We get a little sad. Then we think of nice new truck we'll be buying.

3:09 - Call Jete back to remind him to pick up Ethan's prescription.

3:12 - Try to work again.

3:13 - Casually check E's journal again. Helloooo? Updates?

3:29 - Decide to enter vacation time into computer system. Realize I've already taken 3 weeks vacation time this year. And haven't had one vacation yet. And won't for the rest of the year.

3:50 - Decide I Must. Buckle. Down. Work work work.

4:20 - Go back to coworkers cube in the next row. Help with HTML question.

4:22 - Chat with coworker again.

5:15 - Return to desk. Yikes!

5:17 - Frantically send half-finished results to managers who need them "by the end of the business day". Explain we are.. um... really busy.

5:18 - One last check of E's journal. No new updates. Decide to read an old one, just in case.

5:20 - Call it a day. Lock desk down for heightened security rules. Pack up laptop. Maybe I'll use it tomorrow....

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