Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Genius in Training

Another humorous moment in the midst of chaos, courtesy of your faithful hostess.

It's a little after 10 PM. CG is screaming. Jete is trying to give him a bath and get him ready for bed. He is undressing him in the boys' room. Ethan is also screaming. I am rocking him in the rocking chair. He has been crying for 45 minutes and is just starting to settle down.

Before taking CG's in the other room, Jete put on an 80s CD compilation. To help Ethan calm down, I start singing the songs to him. Well. My version of the songs.

Neil Diamond begins to play. I start singing. Off key. And loudly. (Ethan can't hear well. I must compensate.)

"Turn out your heart liii-ght. In the middle of a young boy's dreeeee-am..."

Jete appears from around the corner. With a naked CG, who is staring at me.

Laughs. "You know, it's 'turn ON your heart light.'"

Walks away. Still laughing. "'Turn out your heart light.' Why would you turn it out?"

I listen to the words the next time the chorus comes around. Damn. He's right. How long have I been singing it that way? Maybe 20 years?

I shout back at the empty hallway. "By the way - WHATEVER".

As if the song makes any sense anyway. Stupid E.T. movie.

Both boys start screaming again. Back to rocking. Back to singing. I try to use the right words this time. But I sing a little quieter, just in case. I don't want the know-it-all to hear me.

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erica said...

eh, you're still better than some people who thought "i'm the king of wishful thinkin'" was "i'm the king i wish for bacon." or that, you know, air supply was singing about "makin' love with nothing on."

and no, that wasn't me.