Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Eighth Sign of the Apocalpyse

People. I'm a little afraid.

I am going to a wedding on Friday. In preparation, I went shopping this weekend. We all know I. HATE. Shopping.

On my shopping trips, the following things happened:

  1. I found a pair of strappy sandals.
  2. The strappy sandals are slightly sexy and yet still comfortable.
  3. The strappy sexy comfy sandals fit me.
  4. I found a cute Nine West bag that match the strappy sexy sandals.
  5. The strappy sexy sandals and the cute Nine West bag cost under 10 dollars each.
  6. I found a cute black shirt that shows off my cleavage without clinging too much in the wrong areas.
  7. The cute black shirt is a light, cool material and is short-sleeved, so I won't sweat to death during a July wedding.
  8. I found a matching black and pink skirt that is just thick enough that I don't have to wear a slip under it.
  9. The black and pink skirt is just the right length, classy enough to be wedding quality, and also doesn't cling in the wrong areas.
  10. The entire outfit was under fifty dollars.
Plague and pestilence must be on their way.

Granted, I tried on exactly 37 pieces of clothing before I found the right outfit. But still. I found it. That is unheard of in Mete-land.

Also, I was with E when I found the shoes and bag. And we all know her freakish luck in finding good shoes, even when she can't afford them. So I'm thinking her luck rubbed off on me or something.

Either that, or she really is the spawn of Satan. That would explain a lot of the luck she's been having.

It was a nice weekend. I got to hang out with E during her unexpected trip to the West Coast (heh) and I found clothes and shoes I like. That FIT ME. I may just give shopping a second chance.

(Yeah right. Like this will ever happen again.)


erica said...

Told you we'd find you shoes. AND, if I remember correctly, you weren't even going to look for a bag.
You're welcome.
PS- I completely forgot about the coast thing, hee!

KGrams said...

Congrats on a great shopping trip. I know how difficult these can be, especially when you have to have something for an even. I can always find shoes (I'm an 8W, but can usually work with 8 1/2 if its not too strappy), but the clothes that is a whole nother story.

You may want to purchase a lottery ticket as this is your lucky weekend, ENJOY!