Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Somebody Warn Me if I Get This Aloof...

As a mother, may I never:

  • Shout at my child at the top of my voice while on the phone with my friend.
  • Degrade my child to my friend on the phone, while my child is within earshot.
  • Shout "Get in your f*cking room! If I hang up this phone, you are getting a BEATING!" while on the phone with my friend.

Most importantly, may I never:

  • Wonder to my friend why my child's behavior is so bad.
  • Stay on the phone with my friend talking about nothing while my child is so obviously crying out for my attention and human interaction.

Please. One of you loves me enough to slap me if I do this, don't you?

1 comment:

Sete said...

Plenty of people care enough to make sure you would never do these things. The difference is that you are not that kind of person and wouldn't ever think of being that way...of course, you already knew that :)