Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Because We're Dorks. That's Why.

Exhibit A:

(Jete is play-wrestling with CG. He pins him on the chair. CG struggles to get up.)

M: Let him go. He wants to get up.

J: No. He's the prisoner of Az... ka.... (trying to remember the name - neither of us read the books) ...ban.

M: The prisoner of what?

J: Ax-abam.

M: The prisoner of Ask-Yvonne?

J: Ass-kiss-Ann. Whatever.

Exhibit B:

(Talking about the new Dukes of Hazzard movie, blah blah blah, it looks like it sucks.)

J: Jessica Simpson? Daisy wasn't stupid on the show. She was sexy, but smart too. And she should have stayed a brunette.

M: And, what were they thinking? Seann William Scott? He's no Bo. They've made the Duke boys into clowns. They weren't the clowns on the show.

J: I know. They were the clever ones. They might have been back woods, but they weren't backwards.

M: Did you read that somewhere? Or did you just make that up?

J: I just made that up right here.

M: You did not.

J: I did. (points to his head) Not just a hat rack, you know.

Exhibit C:

(In the car, we notice my keychain of beads spelling "METE" has broken.)

J: You're losing all of these. (picks up the "T" and "E" beads off the floor)

M: Oh, man. It's ruined.

J: No, look. The "M" and the "E" didn't fall off.

M: Oh! Don't you get it? "Mete" is gone - and all that remains is "Me"!

J: Um. Yeah.

M: That's really deep! Don't you think?

J: Uh-huh... So. Any plans this weekend?

M: Jerk.