Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Guilty Conscience

Bad mother moment #1:

Q: Who is harder to leave in the morning? The special needs child who can't tell you he's upset about you going? Or the "typical" one year old who knows you exist and SOBS, clinging to your leg while you try to scramble out the door?

A: Both. And neither. Work is an obligation and a refuge, all at the same time.

Bad mother moment #2:

I finally got Ethan's appointment with the ketogenic diet specialist in Boston. The earliest date they had was November 4th. The nurse told me that with fear in her voice, afraid I'd be upset it was so far away.

Little did she know, I was afraid she might have something as soon as September. I think I surprised her with my quick response. "Oh, no. That's fine!" Whew.

Bad mother moment #3:

Have you ever realized, at bedtime, that your one year old has eaten nothing but Cheerios, pretzels, animal crackers, and Goldfish crackers all day long? (Washed down with milk or water, of course.)

Not that I didn't try the fruit and vegetables a few times, but they always end up on the floor - uneaten. At least I know he's getting some nutrition with the other stuff. Right?

Hi, Eating Disorders, party of four.