Monday, October 31, 2005

These Pumpkins are Smashing

I headed to Old Navy late last week for a second look for the boys' costumes. I was excited to see that the Halloween stuff was on sale - half price. And, by some miracle, they still had the boys' sizes. Needless to say, my decision was made.

Don't the boys look excited that I saved 10 dollars?

I knew my procrastination would come in handy one of these days.


Gwensarah said...

Mete, I was one of the Holland bashers on the Schuyler's situation so I'd like to explain why. While I didn't say it was bullshit for every child with special needs, I do think it's bullshit for Schuyler's case (especially since I know an adult with the same disorder that she has, so I know first hand what she might be capable of) and I especially thought it was bullshit when someone told me that me and my son are now in Holland simply because he might have an LD (esp. since he's that LD but gifted contradiction. An LD is simply akin to not speaking the language of the country he is in, not like an unexpected detour. Now, I do think Holland is a good analogy for the grieving/acceptance process that a parent of a child with 'unfixable brokeness' might experience, not a load of crap derived by cretins. I just don't think it should be blanket applied to every child who is 'different', 'broken', whathaveyou. If my comments offended you or any other parent than I apologise. My opinion on the Holland thing for both Schuyler and my son do still stand as it being a completely inappropriate analogy though.
On a lighter note- those pumpkin costumes really are smashingly wonderful.

Gwensarah said...

It's funny, last night I stayed up until 3am reading every entry you've written. Then I followed some of your links and am probably not going to get any 'real' work done because I'm so engrossed in these stories. It's hard to explain why it's hitting such a chord with me. I'm not in that situation of raising a child with special needs, the closest I've even come to some of these experiences was my godson's neuroblastoma but I think after reading both your comments on Darn Tootin and your entries, I wanted to at least be educated. I didn't want to be one of those ignorant people who make assumptions becauseI hate it when it's done to me for various reasons. I wanted to know so Rymer will never be one of those little savages who shove a little girl (or boy) on the playground because she/he's "different" (not that he would, if you knew'd know why) and for awhile I did feel like an asshole for my Holland comments. Because who the hell am I to judge? The biggest thing I have to worry about is Rymer learning to spell or the fact that he has a strange accent that causes him to sound like he lives in Boston that no one can explain. I read this: last night and it summed up for me how I should have explained what I felt about it.
Also, completely off topic. I love Ethan's name. I don't care if it's popular now, it suits him perfectly.

P.S. thanks for your comments, I think he knows far too well how perfect he looks as Harry which is why this was the third year he's chosen it. He's fascinated by all things magic. Probably because his coming into existance can only be explained as 'magic at work'.

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