Thursday, October 27, 2005

You Know You're Jaded When...

  • your son's neurologist asks you how many seizures he's having daily, and you say "Uh, 20. 30. 50. Something like that."
  • the neurologist instructs you to increase your son's $1500 a month drug until it is effectively doubled, and without blinking you say, "That's fine. When Cigna rejects the claim, I'll let the nurse know."
  • upon opening an overdraft notice from your bank, you think, "Two days until payday. That's only 40 dollars in fees."
  • you get what is supposed to be a threatening phone call from a Ms. Betty Hill at a medical collection agency, and all you can do is laugh that her name reminds you of someone else.
  • when your boss tells you you're getting a small bonus, you say, "Good. Now I can get Betty Hill off my back." And laugh again. Because that name is damn funny.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

OK, Mete, just too funny! Hmmm, I think most of those have happened to me too. Which makes me think....did I laugh when it happened to me? ;)