Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Typical Tuesday

I went to a meeting today. At the end of the meeting, they held a drawing for raffle prizes. Movie passes, sweatshirts, and water bottles.

As it turns out, only 9 of us showed up. There were 8 raffle prizes. Guess whose name was the only one not picked?

I didn't really need another cheap water bottle. But I had a serious case of "gym class" deja vu.


For the entire autumn, I was vigilant about exercise. Three times a week, or whenever meetings and doctor visits allowed, I walked at lunchtime. I'd scale the entire 6 story parking garage, up every ramp and around the perimeter. Most days I rushed home after work, and we'd take the boys for a half hour walk around the neighborhood.

Yes. Sometimes, I'd walk twice a day. Yay me, right?

But did I lose any weight? A pound? An ounce? Nope. Not me. My weight stayed exactly the same. Down to the "point 8" on our digital scale.

And then, daylight savings ended and I got home in darkness. No more walking with the boys after work. And sometime in November, it got cold. No more walking at lunchtime. In fact, I haven't walked at all in almost 3 weeks.

The guilt was starting to get to me. I was sure I must have gained weight. So I got on the scale this morning.

Guess what? I lost two pounds.

My body hates me.