Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Boys Versus Girls

The Queens of Surprise and I got a new teammate a couple of months ago. But not just any old teammate. This one? Is a MAN.

As I may have mentioned before, I'm a feminist. I don't believe in any of that generalization crap that people - men and women - perpetuate, like "men make naturally better leaders than women" or "women are always catty to each other". I've worked with all kinds of men and women in the past, and I really think everyone is different. The quality of an employee has nothing to do with the reproductive organs they possess.

That being said, I've noticed a few nuances to having this particular male teammate compared to these particular female teammates:

  1. He doesn't have pregnancy on his mind 24/7. If I leave early because I have an upset stomach, he doesn't get all giggly and say "OOH! You aren't PREGNANT are you? Huh? Are you sure?! Are you sure?!" I don't know what the obsession is. Sometimes, it's just food poisoning. Honest.
  2. He doesn't get crazy jealous. If I happen to take a walk to the cafeteria with someone else, he doesn't get hurt and ask "Why didn't you ask me to go?" and then give me the silent treatment for the rest of the afternoon.
  3. He doesn't try to marry everyone else off. So far, he seems to realize that people are capable of running their own lives. Many of my coworkers are married, but bless those poor souls who are only dating, or - GASP - single. For some reason, their marital status always seems to work itself into the conversation with certain co-workers. "So are you seeing anyone?" "When are we going to meet your boy/girlfriend?" "When you going to tie the knot?!"
  4. He doesn't mind odors. Okay, this one is a bit gross. But honestly, do I need to hear about how "stinky" the bathroom is every. time. you use it? Men just seem to take for granted that bathrooms are a place for Bad Smells. For some reason, my female teammates think you are only supposed to use the bathroom to wash your hands and spray perfume about you. I know. It smells. And I know. IT WASN'T YOU. We get it. Can we stop talking about it now?
  5. He isn't obsessed with weight. He isn't constantly moaning about losing those "last five pounds" when he's a perfectly normal weight. He doesn't say "I'm so BLOATED that my pants hardly fit!" and then insist on proving it to me. And more importantly, when I'm eating a salad for lunch (as I do at least twice a week), he doesn't say, "OH! You're trying to be GOOD TODAY, aren't you! Good for you! I'll just move this candy out of your sight!" ARGHHH.

All in all, I've been very lucky with all of my teammates. We get along really well compared to some other teams I've worked with. And we'll get used to having a boy around. Eventually.

If nothing else, he's proved very helpful in one area: sheer height. He's over 6 feet tall. With the three of us under 5'5", he's been very helpful in reaching things on the top of the filing cabinets.

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