Friday, May 12, 2006


How can the death of someone you only know through words on a computer screen make you cry?

How can a love like this exist in the world, only to be cut so short?

How can life be so unfair?

How can I ever explain things like this to my children someday?

More importantly, how can I know that I'll be around long enough to even try?

How do any of us know we'll be around to see tomorrow?

We don't. All we can do is try to go on. Try to find the joy. Try to believe it will all be okay.

And thank god or fate or luck that it wasn't us. This time.


Julie said...

But in a certain way, it was us. I think that's why it hits so hard.

The Fuz said...

In an instant I felt for this woman and her struggles. I was drawn to reading not just one entry, but multiple and it was tough. I will probably go back and read more - even though I know the end of the story, our journeys are what make us who we are.

Dream Mom said...

I don't think death is ever easy regardless of whether or not it's someone you know on the internet or in real life. Somehow, via the internet, you get to know people very deeply, much as you would know a Dear Friend in real life (sounds so corny to write that) so the loss is very much real. When you have someone who you can identify with in some way, it makes the loss even deeper.

Kevin said...