Monday, May 22, 2006

I Confess...

... I enjoyed reading the Da Vinci Code two years ago.

Furthermore, I found the movie entertaining. (What else were we going to see? Mission Impossible III?)

Apparantly? The book sucks. I've long heard this many times (especially from a close friend who actually knows a thing or two about literature). Somehow, I missed that when I devoured it one afternoon.

And clearly, I am in the minority as far as the movie is concerned as well.

I think we've all established that math is my true calling. I'm no literary scholar. If a story is quick moving and mildly captivating, I'll probably enjoy it. And I did.

I know it's not cool to admit that, but who am I kidding? I've never been cool.

Can you ever forgive me?


Kelly said...

Are the super-Catholics upset with you for seeing such a blasphemous movie? Well, don't read "Angels and Demons"--that one'll REALLY burn them up!

I devoured the book too--during a long hospital admission. It was very fascinating. Kinda wish it didn't have that stuff about Mary and Jesus, but I guess that's what sold it (not to me, I didn't know about it beforehand). I loved the puzzles more than anything. In my mind, they could've said that Jesus and the devil wre brothers, and I still would've enjoyed all the little facets the book talks about. I love plot twists!

Besides, if "faithful" people (of which, I am one) can't figure out that the whole thing is solely fiction wrapped around some historical fact, well, then I guess they shouldn't read it or see the movie. For me, it was purely a good read.

If that makes me "uncool", well, so be it!

Erin said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I loved the book too. It was unique and it made me think and question things that I've blindly believed all my life. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Sank said...

Booked sucked? I read in one sitting it was so good. It's STORY Hello. Damn the critics, I'm planning on seeing the movie as well!

erica said...

Ok, since you pulled me into the debate as the voice of dissension, I'll offer up my two cents and thoroughly biased opinion.

I typically read a book a week, sometimes two, and not all of them are great literature. I'm a big fan of the light & fluffy book. And I've definitely read some stinkers, most of which I toss aside and forget about. But this book? HATE! Incredible, intense, white hot hate. Fire of a billion burning nuns HATE!

Yes, it's a quick read. Yes, some of the ideas in it are interesting concepts. Or they could be, anyway, if the writing wasn't the equivalent of a Christopher Pike book gone horribly wrong. I figured out all of the "twists" in about three minutes. His writing is frustrating and pedestrian, and it just breaks my heart that people are championing this book like it's To Kill A Mockingbird or something.

I can appreciate that people like the book. And hey, anything that gets people to read is good. But to me, this book was just not good. At all.

And now that I've ostracized myself from the rest of the world (again), I'll shut up before I move on to the movie and my irrational hatred of Tom Hanks.

Mete said...

Hey, I didn't say it was BAD to hate the book. Writing is made to be hated! In fact, there are probably 13 people reading this sentence right now thinking, "Man, she SUCKS."

In fact, the truth is it's secretly bothered me that I liked the book when I read it. I mean, reading these articles, I see all these smart people (erica included) pointing out how bad it is, and I think, "Gee, I thought I was pretty smart too.... Maybe... not so much?" I feel like only the truly cool can see the truth of the Da Vinci code. And I want to be cool, too!

As far as the religious controversy, I say, "eh". I think one thing erica and I can agree on about this book is that it is NOT powerful enough to shake someone's faith. At least, it shouldn't be, if a person is of strong faith. I've read catholic church officials who want to ban or boycott the book/movie, because people are getting "confused" about their faith. To them I say "Educate your parishioners." If they don't even know what they're supposed be believe as a member of the church, WHAT KIND OF MEMBERS ARE THEY IN THE FIRST PLACE??

But that's just me.

As far as the super-catholics in Jete's family, are concerned, they're dealing. It's primarily my FIL, who was going to participate in a boycott but had a rosary at home instead. He and Jete had a two hour (TWO. HOURS.) conversation about religion and why his dad believes the stuff he does, and why Jete doesn't believe the stuff he doesn't. It was surprisingly civil.

Trust me. Any book that can spawn a conversation about religion between the two of them WITHOUT anyone getting doused with holy water? Is a freakin' MIRACLE.

Kelly said...

I agree about the faith thing. All these pastors and priests are running around screaming blasphemy and working on damage control, when their lack of education and passion is coming back to bite them in the butt. If they had done their job in the first place, then their "flock" wouldn't be so confused, now would they?

But hey! They get to make money on "anti-Da Vinci code" books and maybe their laziness didn't backfire after all, eh?

(Hope you can feel my sarcasm....I'm laying it on pretty thick!)

Mete said...

Oh, no. I get your sarcasm, and I totally agree. It's just the latest distraction, and I think they're completely missing the point by making such a big deal of the book. It's a perfect opportunity to reach out, and instead they're using it to create their OWN distractions.

I think they'd get a lot more accomplished if they worried more about the day-to-day struggles of faith and doubt that people have, instead of wasting all their money and energy on one or two headliners.

Kim in Idaho said...

Hi Mete, I 'hooved DaVinci Code in a couple of days, and was embarassed to admit it (what a SNOB) but there you go.

I read your whole blog with just about the same verve. So a reluctant literary snob really likes your blog. Howabout that?

You remind me of me. That's not such a bad thing, really, mainly because from the vantage of 41 yrs, the inner stuff gets much, much better.

Bless you and your precious boys and husband. Thanks for sharing your life, it really is a very good thing.

Heels said...

I really enjoyed the movie, for several reasons. I thought the book was annoying in that it read (to my untrained mind) like it was just a treatment for a movie script. Does that make sense?

I thought the movie was beautifully shot. Audrey Tautou was gorgeous and I loved what she wore. Paul Bettany was genius.

Honestly, I was riveted during the movie. Even the ending, when the main character knelt in prayer (which is, I assume, the tacked-on portion that caused reporters and critics in Cannes to laugh and jeer) moved me.

I read the book in a day because I couldn't put it down. I thought the author dashed through the character development and threw his hands in the air and came up with an ending. I knew, as I read it, that the movie would be better.

I will say that I thought Tom Hanks' hair was horrible. Heh.