Monday, June 19, 2006

A Vision of Utopia

Finally, someone out there gets it.

To think, one day we might not have to recount Ethan's entire medical history to every medical professional we encounter - from the ultrasound tech to the numerous specialists we see. They would actually be prepared and informed ahead of time. It's an idea that's almost too good to be true.

Which is pretty sad, when you think about it.


Carrie said...

It's like a dream come true. Peanut's pedi is pretty good about that sort of thing, but I have to ask first. I don't know how parents that don't understand medicine and aren't adept at doing research manage sometimes.

Kelly said...

I guess I've been getting by with just coordinating everything through Michaela's neurologist. I guess when it comes to needing another specialist, it's mainly because of what's going on with her neurologically, and therefore, her ped neuro is always supposed to be referring anyway.

I have an excellent pediatrician, but he's completely out of the loop. I wish it wasn't like that, but it is. Still wish I could find her one of those "developmental pediatricians," but they're aren't any around.

Fortunately, her ped neuro practices in a Children's Hospital, so he has almost any specialty at his fingertips and all located in the same place. Need PT? Down the hall. Surgery consult? 2nd floor. And her entire chart is in the hospital electronic database. No transporting records and xrays.

I guess I have the closest thing to that Utopia as we can get here!

(PS: LOVE that the article is from NH....always neat to see my birthplace in print!)

Anonymous said...

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