Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Quick Update

Ethan's surgery went great. He slept before and after, completely worry free. He took pain meds for a single day (one! day!) and has been fine ever since. He is seriously my hero.

My surgery was yesterday. I was a wreck before, relieved after, and feel like I got hit by a truck. Every muscle in my body is sore from the stress of this past week. I did my best to be a bit more like Ethan, but really, I'm a big baby.

There's a lot to explain about the past few months (hell, the past year) of our lives. I've got some serious napping to do, and then I'll entertain you with a recap of the Lifetime TV-movie-of-the-week I like to call: My Life.

(Thank you so much for your kind words lately. I'm bound to get sick from all the sweetness that's been shoveled at me, in real life and on the internet.)