Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cast of Characters

Leading roles:

  • Mete - me. You should know how to pronounce this by now. If not, you may want a refresher.
  • Jete - my husband. He was actually dubbed this nickname by my sister according to our silly rules, so it only makes sense to keep it.
  • Ethan, or The Big E - my oldest son. We chose his name because it was not overly popular at the time. Then 5 minutes after he was born every Tom, Dick and Harry decided to name their sons Ethan. It has been in the top 10 ever since, and according to some lists, it was ranked number one last year. I figure it's about as overused now as Jason or Jacob.
  • CG - my youngest son. Short for Curious George. (Side note: When I was pregnant, everyone wanted me to name CG "Aidan". I really liked the name, until I saw how fast it was moving up the lists. Check out the link above and see how right I was.)
Supporting Characters:

  • My Mom and Dad - there should be no need for names here. I never call them anything else.
  • Sete - my sister. See previous explanation of Mete and Jete. Two years younger than me. My running joke is that I'm the smart one, and she's the pretty one. Except she's smart too. Damn her.
  • Bonnie and Clyde - Jete's Parents. My friend E. refers to Jete's family as "The Outlaws", so there you go.
  • Gameboy - Jete's younger brother. He's away from home, serving in the Air Force.
  • CS - Jete's oldest sister. Watches the boys full time. Short for Chunesammy. (You won't pronounce this properly, so don't even try.) This is some secret joke his sisters came up with, referring to some ancestor of their Korean grandmother. It probably means "stupid sister-in-law" or something, but I just smile and nod.
  • RP - Jete's youngest sister. Stands for "Rejected Pepperoni". CS and RP coined this phrase. Applies to anyone who is often left out of things or ignored. She is the baby of the family and claims to be the biggest victim of the crime of RP.
  • D or DJ - My cousin; we were born within a year of each other and like to keep that roll going. She married her husband within a year of my marriage, and had a daughter, K, four months after Ethan was born. She has a son, DC, who is about year younger than CG.
  • E - My friend from high school who has since moved to the big city. She used to make fun of me, but my mom pays her well now.

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Chunesammy said...

Chunesammy is Bunnum's cuz in "the Land of the Morning Calm" who was hit by a car and died several years ago...his name is just about the funniest I ever heard so if there is ever a question of who did something in our house, it is either, Chune, Mrs. Pease or Cato..."who left the milk all over the counter?" ---Chunsammy did...Hehe!