Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sounds like 'Betty'

I will never be confused for a Betty kind of girl. When I hear Betty I think of the beauty chased by Archie & Jughead. Blonde, buxom, hourglass figure. Drawn perfectly. Guys I knew used to argue about whether or Betty or Veronica was hotter, but none of them ever said they'd throw Betty out of bed.

I could, however, be confused for 'Meat'.

Maybe I should explain.

I have one sister. The two of us, to amuse ourselves, used to pretend we could speak languages we didn't know, especially Spanish. For a 12 year old, that's funny. Just throw an "o" or a "y" at the end of any word and it becomes Spanish.

"Pardon-o, no speak-o da Englesh-y." (Shockingly enough, I was a geek then too.)

We especially wanted to learn swears. Then we could live out our kid-sized dream of swearing in front of our parents while they had no clue what we were saying. Of course, we were still goody-goodies. We'd slur the words beyond recognition *just in case* my parents had gone out and bought a Spanish-to-English Curse dictionary the night before.

As part of this ridiculous game "Mete" was born. My sister would say a swear word really fast. It got changed and distorted, until finally she just started calling me "Metty". My first name starts with an M, so it worked for me. We spread the name on to everyone close to us using their first initial - she became "Setty", a cousin was "Ketty".... you get the idea.

The nickname stuck between us. She started writing it on cards and stuff, and for whatever reason, always spelled it "Mete". I knew what she meant, and never really thought much about it.

Until the first time my husband (then boyfriend) saw it written. He looked at it for a minute and then looked at me funny. "Why does she call you 'Meat'?"

Now, being an overweight, often frumpy-feeling girl, you don't want any guy to think you go by the name 'Meat'. Especially one you are dating. I mean, I could see if you're talking about a model type.... "What a prime piece of meat". Rude, yet complimentary. But a chunky girl? I immediately think ground chuck or "thick meaty thighs". Not a flattering picture.

After I explained its origins to him, it became a funny nickname for just the two of us. He would write "Mete" on cards, but would say 'Meat' in conversation. With his gruff voice and serious expression, it was pretty funny.

And usually, I could forget the image of a cow when he said it.

I pretty much figured that the 2 or 3 of you who may actually see this blog already know the proper way to pronounce Mete. But just in case you didn't, it's a good time to have a refresher.

And for the rest of my soon-to-become-fans, I just wanted to make sure you were prepped to use my name in office conversations, at the grocery store, in line at the bank.... "Did you SEE what Mete said today?" "That Mete has a keen sense of irony."

Then again, you could always just call me Veronica. I'd love to be the bad girl too.

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