Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Love/Hate Relationship

LOVE: Driving with the windows down and the music LOUD.
HATE: How my hair looks when I stop the car.

LOVE: Eating chocolate.
HATE: Myself about five seconds after eating chocolate.

LOVE: Gorgeous, sunny, warm spring days.
HATE: Spending GSWS days in a cubicle with no fresh air.

LOVE: Having a full-time babysitter while we work so the boys are always in their home.
HATE: Leaving her on GSWS days to play with the boys while I go earn the money to pay her.

LOVE: My job (most days).
HATE: Leaving the boys to come here.

LOVE: Getting surprise checks from the distant, rich relatives.
HATE: Accepting the checks. And feeling guilty for it. And having to kiss their asses afterwards.

LOVE: Being thanked for a job well done.
HATE: Getting flowers as the thank you. (Money talks. Flowers, well, die.)

LOVE: Being appreciated (see above).
HATE: Feeling ungrateful (see above).

LOVE: My friends.
HATE: People who hurt them. (Grrrrr)

LOVE: Love.
HATE: How much love can hurt someone.

LOVE: Weekends, Presidents' Day, Labor Day, and any other holiday designed to give you a day off with no obligation.
HATE: Mondays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and any other holiday designed to sell cards and make 99.9% of people depressed.

LOVE: Writing.
HATE: Reading what I wrote afterwards.

LOVE: Blogging.
HATE: Half-written entries I never get around to finishing.

LOVE: Closure. :)

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