Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wall of Shame

The girl on the other side of my cubicle wall just used the word "grody". Wow. It brought me back to a time I'd rather not relive.

Mind you, she was probably in preschool in that time. She's barely 24 and admitted earlier today that Saved by the Bell was her favorite TV show growing up. She then proceeded to sing the theme song to us.

You learn all kinds of things around here. Last week she announced, in what I can only call an outdoor voice, "I have my period today. Leave me alone."

God bless cubicles.


mom of 2 under 4 said...

Gag me with a spoon!

DJ said...

Wow, showing your age with that post, eh? Good luck with that :) I am soon going to be at that stage myself, sigh...

Esbee said...

I like your blog immensely.

Tomorrow, when your coworker says something with which you can agree, say brightly, "Fo shizzle!" Then approximate a gangsta hand sign.

If nothing else, you might as well amuse yourself.

KGrams said...

OK, the really sad thing here, is that I can remember those comments and even they are a little too new for me. How about AYYYYYE from the Fonz. Or, better yet na nu na nu from Mork??? That one will really trip her up.

Yes, gotta love the cubicles... I have heard many comments and conversations that are really TMI.

Mete said...

You're scaring me kgrams... are you psychic? Yesterday's conversation somehow drifted to Mork & Mindy. (And honestly, how often does that happen?)

Other co-workers were discussing the show and the same girl was asking about it. Apparantly, she had never heard of the show. I couldn't believe it. It's like saying you've never heard of Laverne & Shirley or something.

Oh, man. I'm afraid to ask. She probably hasn't heard of Laverne & Shirley, has she?