Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dirty Trivial Pursuit

You never know what will happen when the Outlaws come over for dinner.

After the meal, Jete's sisters wanted to play Trivial Pursuit. They don't like playing the real way - board and dice and all of that. They just like to take turns reading questions out loud. If anyone knows the answer, they shout it out.

It was my turn to read the question, and the category was sports.

What sport is judged on size, development, definition and hardness?

For the record, the answer was bodybuilding. But I know Jete, and I knew I was in trouble. I tried to be completely serious. After all, these are the Super Catholics. They don't talk about the "S" word.

I read the card out and Jete started laughing hysterically. His parents didn't seem to get the joke. To make matters worse, CS, who couldn't hear the question over Jete's laughing, interupted us. She said, seriously:

"Can you come again?"

Jete almost spit his wine out across the room.

Now who says board games are dull?

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