Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Frantic School Daze

I just got confirmation of my test date: September 27th. Which doesn't sound all that close, until I realized it is already September 7th. That gives me less than three weeks to study.

Can anyone tell me where the first week of September went? Because I think I somehow missed it. For that matter, where did the first eight months of the year go? Can I get a do-over?

Speaking of September, now that it's, oh, back-to-school time, it's probably a good time to accept that Ethan is going to school this year. Like, next week. Luckily, pre-school starts a little later than the rest of the grades, because otherwise, he would have started days ago.

We are not prepared for this.

Literally, we aren't prepared because we haven't gotten anything ready for him. We haven't bought him any suitable school clothes. (Meaning: t-shirts and a diaper may be comfy for staying home, but not so much for school.) My sister the teacher has pointed out I should get him a back pack and a communication log for us to pass between us and his teachers and aides. He doesn't even own any shoes that fit him. Why would he need them at home? But for school, barefoot all day probably won't cut it. Besides that, he'll need some if we ever get the stinkin' stander approved.

Emotionally, we're just not prepared to let him go. Jete and I were talking about it last night. There are so many details involved that we just haven't let ourselves think about. Will he be okay on the bus? How will they know who he is when he gets there? What if they lose him, send him to the wrong class and no one knows who he is? Will they be nice to him? Will they let him nap when he's tired from his medications? What if he just doesn't like it there?

Then of course, the thoughts of winter came up, and the school van trying to get up our steep driveway. We've already decided we aren't sending him if there are even 3 snowflakes on the ground. There's no way I'm risking his life sending him through the streets of Our City just so he can get therapy for the day. It's not like he's going to fall behind on his homework or anything.

Probably a little premature to think about all that when he hasn't even started yet. You think?

Anyway, we'll all get through this, I'm sure. Ethan's teacher has already called the house a few times and sounds very nice. We're going to go to the school later this week to meet her and the nurse that is in the classroom full-time. Hopefully, that meeting will set our minds at ease and answer most of the questions.

Except one question Jete had: Do you think installing lojack in Ethan's stroller is over the top?

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