Thursday, September 29, 2005

Feels Like a Monday

This is just one of those days when I hate my life.

I had to make half a dozen phone calls this morning to straighten up other people's mistakes. I'm so tired of having to suffer the consequences when other people screw up.

First I had to call back and forth to our pharmacy and insurance company to straighten out one of Ethan's meds. The pharmacy only filled it for a 3 week supply. I know we got this drug authorized for a the full dose and I'm tired of paying a full copay for less than a month's medicine. But the pharmacy insisited that they tried and the insurance company wouldn't authorize it. So I called the insurance company, who claimed the pharmacy didn't run the claim right, and that it was authorized. So I had to call the pharmacy back, who insisted the insurance company had denied the full claim, but they'll try again, and oh yeah, it worked. Now Jete has to drive back to the pharmacy to get the rest of the dose.

So. Annoying.

Then I had to return a call to an ambulance company who claimed we owed them over $1000 from Ethan's trip home from the hospital in March. I explained that the hospital promised to cover those charges. The ambulance company said they had the same information, but no money had been sent. And if I didn't do something about it, we'd be held responsible for the full amount. So I called the hospital, and they put me on hold for about 10 minutes and came back to explain that they had sent the check, but the ambulance company lost it so they had to reissue it. But that everything was handled and we shouldn't be responsible. Then the ambulance company called back to apologize, and said everything was taken care of. But it isn't really. I'm stressed and tired and didn't want to waste half an hour of my work day dealing with this.

And I'm still putting off making more calls. I've got to call Ethan's doctor to beg him to write 3 different letters explaining that Ethan's Sick and needs Stuff, so that I can send these back to the insurance company and the equipment company and the state so we can try to get back some of this money we're pissing out. And I've got to call the school and the bus company, and figure something out about Ethan going to school. And I've got to call the insurance company and figure out if we've reached the max service dates for Ethan's physical therapy or not.

I just don't feel like it anymore. I'm just so tired of being stuck as the middle man in these big corporations' power games with each other. I want a break from everything. I want a vacation, and someone else can fill in for me for a while.

On top of everything else, I'm tired of reading articles like this. I get it, okay? I'm going to die young. Can you just leave me alone about it for five minutes? It's all I read these days. I'm going to die young because I had preeclampsia. I'm going to die young because I'm overweight. I'm going to die young because I have BORDERLINE (not even technically high yet) blood pressure.

It's a freakin' miracle I've survived this long.


Sank said...

Hafta love medical sites, if you didn't have it before you read it, you will now. I wouldn't worry, the overweight deal, if which I'm a proud member seemed to be people in France, the preclampsia? In the middle of the article says the data is sketchy. Based on medical codes. My humble advice it relax and read Dr. Dean Edells book "Eat Dring and be Merry", it'll put things in persepective.

Mete said...

Oh, I used to LOVE Dr. Dean Edell when I was a kid. I'll have to look for that.

Got that article while browsing on MSNBC. Of course, crunching the numbers, the chance of dying from a stroke from the entire group was still only 0.3%. So maybe I'll live a little while longer.

I'm just so tired of the media trying to scare people to death. If it's not a hurricane or wildfire, they'll find SOMETHING to blow out of proportion. They just seem to hit my trigger so well lately.

Kevin said...