Saturday, October 15, 2005

Weirdest Dream EVER

Okay, I just had a flashback to a dream I had last night. I'm disturbed.

I was a pilgrim, and my family and I lived in a small community with Native Americans. Everyone got along wonderfully. We had just finished a big party to celebrate ... something. We were all sitting around listening to the leaders of each group give a speech about unity and peace and love.

All of a sudden, one of the teenage pilgrims walked over and stabbed one of the Native Americans. Suddenly, there was mass bloodshed. All of the pilgrim children - even the toddlers - brandished knives and slaughtered every Native American. It was a massacre. Blood everywhere. I remember watching people die in slow, gritty detail.

We adults of the pilgrim community tried to stop the kids, but it happened too fast. It was kind of like that Chucky movie where the kids were evil little adults in tiny bodies. They scowled at us and told us they were jealous of all the attention the Native Americans were getting. It was time for them to go.

The adults got together and sobbed and lamented how horrible it all was. We just kept saying, it's no wonder the Native Americans hate us so much.

That's about all I remember. But? What. The HELL. Does that mean? Is it a delayed Columbus Day guilt dream or something?

I frighten myself sometimes.

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Sank said...

Columbus day has sort of turned into a wierd "holiday", especially since it's in essence a non holiday. I felt compelled to put it into historical perspective on my site...