Friday, December 02, 2005

Don't Blink

I don't understand how it can be December already.

The last thing I remember, it was early spring and we were preparing for Ethan's surgery. Then there were four blurry months where he was casted and upset most of the time. Month after month of just trying to keep him happy, a few minutes at a time. How could four miserable months go by so quickly?

I find it hard to believe the summer really happened. Where was I? There were no vacations. No day trips to the beach. Just more of the same - day after day of maintenance and appointments. Taking care of things at home, taking care of things at work, then back again.

I do remember autumn arriving - for about five minutes. Then it was cold and rainy for a month, followed by three inches of snow on Thanksgiving day.

And now, it's December. The year is over. Christmas cards have been arriving for days now. Only three weekends left to shop. And every one of them is booked with other obligations.

I guess this is a natural part of aging. When you're young, you never think about time passing. Summer vacation lasts forever. Christmas is always a million years away. But adults realize there's never enough time. It's the constant topic of conversation. People throw out meaningless sentiments like, "Is it Friday already?" "This year FLEW by!" "Where does the time go?"

I suppose I have to accept that I'm not a kid anymore, even if I am ridiculously immature at times. I'm 30. Ethan will be four next month. CG will be two soon. Judging by how quickly the first four years went, they'll be teenagers before I know it.

Might as well stop fighting it:

Where does the time go?

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