Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So Many Questions. So Little Time.

How can nearly three months have passed since my last post?

How is it September already?

How do I have only one week - correction, 6 days - left to my maternity leave?

How can Ethan be starting big-boy-all-grown-up Kindergarten in only one week - correction, 6 days?

How can CG have outgrown all of his "T" clothes (2T, 3T, 4T) so quickly and moved on to sizes with no letters?

How can Jete's transitional leave from his job before its permanant termination be over already?

How can this person, this being that did not exist in even microscopic levels only one year ago, feel like an old soul that has always been a part of our family?

How can she have gone from this:
to this:
to this:

in only two months?

How can she be "only" two months old, when it seems we've known her forever?

He can she already be two months old?

How do I slow it all down?


I can't say enough how touched I am at your well wishes. I'm amazed so many of you have bothered to check back here when it seems I've had few words to share for nearly a year now. What a long, strange year it has been.

There is much to say. Discuss. Examine. I've been unable to do much more than read your blogs these past few months. (I can scroll with one free arm while nursing, but can't seem to get anywhere with one-handed typing.) In spare moments, I've started and abandoned half a dozen posts. Something always seems to come up and interupt me. Someone always seems to need me. I'm still getting used to this juggling act. And I know that time will become even more scarce when I return to work next week.

But I also know that I need this. I love this. I thrive on a connection, on finding others on a similar journey and not feeling so damn alone. I crave a creative outlet; something just for me. I can't wait to spend some time sprucing this place up a bit. Making things fresh and clean again. I deserve something special for myself amongst the constant neediness I seem to encounter every minute of every day.

It may not be often, but I will continue, when I can. Be sure of that.

You haven't seen the last of me yet.



lisa said...

She is GORGEOUS!!! I'm so glad you posted, I was dying to hear about the new baby. Post as often or as little as you want, blogging should never be a burden. Just don't stop!

Kelly said...

Oh Yay! So GLAD to hear from you!

So GLAD to see she's healthy! And HAPPY!

I understand what you're going through with the blogging. We'll be here--whenever you post :)

BTW: What HER nickname gonna be?

Rebecca said...

What a beutiful little girl. So glad to hear from you again. :)

J said...

So so so thrilled that you've posted...your bean is gorgeous!

Sarah Furlough said...

Mete: what a GREAT surprise to log on and see your post!

So glad to read everyone is doing well! Ethan is starting kindergarten, what a big milestone. CG is outgrowing his clothes, just shows that time marches on whether we are ready or not. Your new little addition is just beautiful, and I am so glad you've been able to enjoy your leave!

I will keep you in my thoughts throughout the upcoming chaos. I know you have a lot on your plate. Just remember; you are MUCH stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Keep us posted when you can. We'll all be waiting...

M&Co. said...


anne nahm said...

She is beautiful! Those eyes!

Billie said...

Gosh, clicking on your link and seeing that beautiful little baby face just makes me want to sit and sob! I am SOOOOOOO happy for you and for your family. Deep in the hidden recesses of my fearful brain, she gives me hope.

I am feeling practically giddy that you have a baby girl! Would love to hear her birth story, and NEED to know her name:)

Much love.

Day said...

Mete, she is so, SO BEAUTIFUL. Congrats - and, name please? So happy for you!!

Kevin said...