Sunday, March 12, 2006

Recapping the Day-O-Fun

Thanks for your kind words about the dentist. I probably should consider switching at some point. The thing is, I've been going to this office since I was two. (That's 28 years for you math-haters.) That's a really long relationship, and I hate to end it so abruptly. I feel like we should get counseling first or something.

I loved my original dentist. At some point, he got old and, well, died, but I do like his replacement. Things really went downhill when my favorite hygentist retired a few years ago. She was sweet and gentle and remembered every detail of my personal life, even if I hadn't seen her in a year. The Archeologist and I just don't click like that. Not to mention the fact that she seems to believe it is her duty to find a cavity at every visit. And if she can't, well then damnit, she should just take her metal poker and MAKE ONE. (shudder)

Okay, enough about that. On to the Day-O-Fun.

Despite my fears, our half-day turned out to be not so bad. The cramps were kind enough to be delayed until today (thank you screwed up menstrual cycle!) and Jete and I actually got along the entire. day. Honest! But just to be safe, we made a rule that there were to be no discussions about dishes or breakfast cereals.

We had a very vague agenda - lunch, maybe a movie - but as always, we were flexible in our plans. Which worked out well, because a movie was not in the cards. Did you know that there are absolutely NO interesting movies out right now? Seriously. There was nothing even remotely worth wasting two hours and twenty bucks on.

(Random side note: Hollywood, I must ask: The Shaggy Dog? REALLY? Was there a need to make this movie the first time around? Never mind twice? ON PURPOSE?)

We quickly ruled out a film. Instead, Jete had a brainstorm - we gathered up every gift card we could find in the house. We got a bunch for Christmas and haven't had a chance to actually leave the house and use them. I stuck the stack in my purse and off we went. We had a few other chores to do, and in between, we were going to spend other people's money. What could be more exciting?

Without further ado, I give you the Day-O-Fun recap:

  1. Lunch at 99s - FREE with gift card.
  2. Trip to Blockbuster - Bought 6 previously viewed movies. 7 dollars with gift card.
  3. Trip to CVS - Refilled one of Ethan's prescriptions.
  4. Trip to JCPenney - Bought Ethan new sneakers to wear in his stander. Bought each of the boys a new t-shirt. FREE with Gift Card
  5. Trip to Toys-R-Us - Bought CG new sneakers (BIG sale - only five bucks) and a new DVD about trucks. FREE with Gift Card
  6. Trip to gas station - Filled the gas tank and got a coupon for the car wash. My car breathed a sigh of relief when the inch-thick coating of salt was finally gone. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized I could finally see out the passenger window again.
  7. Trip to the bank - No gift cards to use here, unfortunately.
After the bank, we drove around looking at other people's houses for about a half hour. We used to do this a lot before the kids; dream about what kind of house we would want if we had more money, compare our ideas about what looks nice and what doesn't. Finally, we headed home.

For once, the weather forecast was right. It was gorgeous out. We opened all the windows and turned off the heat for the first time in months. Both kids were napping, so we hung out and chatted for a little while until CG woke up and the game started all over again.

It was a small break, but it made a huge difference. After only four hours, we were both relaxed, refreshed and liking each other again (mostly). We both agreed it was a really nice day.

So tell me: Are we the two most boring people on the face of the earth or what?


erica said...

Yay for the Day-o-fun! Glad you both got some much-needed relaxation and alone time.
And please, you're no more boring than me, who fell asleep at 930 on Friday night. Because I am nothing if not a wild & crazy singleton, heh.

Kelly said...

Nope, you definately sound normal to me....or maybe we're BOTH weird?

Our idea of a night out is to go out to eat and then go hang out at Barnes and Noble. Relatively cheap, easy, and open late on the weekends. Not to mention the Starbucks Frappachino we splurg on....oh yeah.

Mete said...

Erica, you have to admit that I'm SLIGHTLY more boring than you. I mean, your latest Day-o-fun involved the filming of a TV show, meeting Dr. Ruth, and chasing strange men into scary back rooms to buy purses. How can my trip to JCPenney ever compare??

Kelly, I LOVE B&N. Love it. The husband gets bored, but I could spend all day there. All those books puts my mind at peace. It's like the Geek Mecca.

Funny thing is, you'd think it's the kids that made me this dull, but really, I've been like this forever. We went on a few NY trips with my mom when we were teenagers. One year I just told her not to count me in anymore. I just didn't enjoy it. Too stressful. I'd rather sit on the couch and read. Or take a ride through the car wash. Now THAT is a Big Adventure.

Sank said...

I must be about as boring as it gets, that sounds a great day. Everytime I get a day off it's run run run to the next thing. Take a look at my posting from a couple weeks ago...

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