Sunday, November 12, 2006

News Flash

This may come as a bit of a surprise. But... did any of you know - it's the MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER?

I'm not joking. I sweartogod.

The past two weeks have gone by in a blur of business and busy-ness. I started a long and rambling Halloween post (shocking, I know) but when I actually had the time to sit and write, Blogger was giving me heaps of trouble. By the time it seemed fixed, I was back in busy mode. Besides, at this point, Halloween is so last month.

I've been busy to the point that I'm barely keeping up on my reading. This is the first night in weeks that I've been up past ten, and you should know by now that 10:00 PM is the threshold for Mommy time in this house. CG goes to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 and Ethan and Jete retire around 10. As soon as that happens, the computer and the TV both go on, and I enjoy the familiar humming of technology.

Lately I've been too tired to even turn on the PC many nights. When I do muster up some energy, it's just a quick check on a random handful of blogs. MAYBE I'll muster up a lame comment or two, but no way do I have the energy to write a real entry on my own.

I'm forcing myself to put clear sentences together now because I'm sure I'll be offline for even a little while longer. Our main focus right now is Ethan's upcoming surgery. I call it Number Two. (Get it? Ha. ha. HA.) Partly because it's his second surgery this year, Number One being back in August. And partly because it's Part II of the hip-work he had done last March.

Compared to the ghosts of surgeries pasts, this is supposed to be a small one. Jete, Ethan and I head to Boston on Tuesday, and if all goes well, we should be home by Thursday. The surgery itself should only take about two hours. No casting. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will be a nonevent.

It's funny how your first born child - a mere four years old - can be having surgery and yet, it isn't that big a deal. Naturally we're concerned, and we'll be worried sick for those two hours, but we're relatively calm compared to the last time around. We went for our pre-op appointment last week (an entry in itself) and despite the torrential downpours, five hours spent waiting to see doctors, and five hours spent on the highway, it was almost ... relaxing.

(I said almost. We're kooky, Jete and I, but not crazy.)

We'll be working of course, right up until the last possible minute, since we've got zero vacation time left for this luxurious visit to our state's capital. Somewhere in there I'll have to pack. And get referrals. And notes to the hotel to prove it's not a pleasure trip, so please give us the piddly 5% discount, okay? And spend time with CG, who's staying at home and will most likely punish us for weeks to come for abandoning him.

Please. Try to contain your jealousy. You can't all live a glamorous life like me. I'm just lucky, I guess.


lisa said...

I hope that everything goes well and with a minimum of stress and worry.

That Girl said...

Good luck!

jouette said...

I've been missing your posts, you are all in my thoughts. Lucky is one of my favorite posts, thank you for linking it today, and best of luck for your sweet boy.

Frances said...

Just checking in...would love an update. Hope everything went well for you and the little guy.